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Fund A

This algorithmic strategy employs the use of artificial intelligence, combined with deep learning. The strategy is focused around movements in the gold price. The strategy utilizes bull and bear signals on the gold price. Trades are entered onto gold related indices linked to the spot price and future price of gold. This strategy utilizes instruments that may be long or short on the price of gold and single stocks that may be mispriced. Holdings may be direct or through derivatives. The strategy utilizes pair trades as a further risk mitigation tool to hedge against certain price movements. This strategy has outperformed the benchmark since inception.

Global Macro

The Global Macro strategy involves the analysis of various trends and shifts in major currency pairs. To
assist in developing a strong analysis, the strategy studies and considers resistance and/or support levels, market signals, trend lines, market cycles and various other indicators that are considered in forming sound analysis. Major political and macro announcements or events do not solely drive decision making but are considered as part of the analysis. This strategy has outperformed the benchmark since inception.


Using a base of artificial intelligence, algorithms combine fundamental and technical analysis. This strategy is centered around the selling of equity-related options for equity instruments listed on the S&P 500. Premium income is earned on the selling of short-dated put options.
The algorithms layer equity fundamentals, multiples and technical analysis on top of artificial intelligence and trend analysis to identify opportunities. These algorithms offer highly detailed trend analysis that identifies S&P 500 stocks that are expected to outperform their peers. Once the stocks have been identified by the algorithms, options are sold on the stocks, helping earn option premiums. These options are often held for 5 days, with no individual stock trade representing more than 4% of the portfolio. This strategy has outperformed the benchmark since inception.


This strategy is based around the idea that prices of financial investments drop faster than they rise, with the prices being range bound over a short period of time. Overpriced assets and opportunities to profit on falling prices are identified. Through detailed algorithms, RIMAR is able to ascertain the financial instruments that provide a minimum trading volume which extends towards the higher end of the price range, while also being expected to fall over the short term. The strategy utilizes value and momentum indicators by analysing a multitude of data points, and may hold short positions directly or through derivative contracts. Positions are generally held for short to medium time periods. This strategy has outperformed the benchmark since inception.


The Long Strategy is an equity-based strategy incorporating value and momentum stocks, with a bias towards value-based equity instruments. The strategy follows a process of bottom-up and top-down stock picking including fundamental and technical analysis, with algorithms consistently processing a multitude of data points.
There is no defined sector or market capitalisation requirements; however, there is a bias towards small and medium cap stocks. Highly liquid ETF’s contribute approximately 30% to the overall strategy position over time but can be less or more at any given time due to market fluctuations and/or other factors considered.
This strategy has outperformed the benchmark since inception.

Options +

This strategy focuses on options and futures on equity related instruments listed on the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ. The algorithms analyse historic trading patterns and identify momentum trades, buying and selling according to the direction of momentum of price movements.
This strategy may purchase US Treasury Bills with surplus cash and will aim to keep sufficient cash on hand.
This strategy has outperformed the benchmark since inception.


The Blended strategy consists of a blend of all other Rimar Capital strategies focusing on the most promising trades within these underlying strategies. This strategy is diversified across the different asset classes and markets that each of the underlying strategies are invested in, designed to offer diversification benefits to the investor. The blended strategy may include long and short positions on financial instruments and major currency pairs. This strategy has outperformed the benchmark since inception.

Balanced ETF

This strategy utilizes the Adaptive Asset Allocation (AAA) methodology, combining momentum, minimum variance, volatility and cross-correlation approaches into one algorithm with the aim of providing a diversified investment portfolio. By combining the different approaches, it aims to optimize risk-adjusted returns.

By combining different tactical approaches into one algorithm, the strategy builds a portfolio that responds to market conditions. In up-trending markets capital is allocated into offensive assets including stocks, ETFs, REITs, and commodities, while during market selloffs the strategy focusses on defensive assets, especially intermediate US-treasuries or low-correlation ETFs and Stocks. Using ETFs with a low correlation between them, the strategy seeks to identify market anomalies with a low ratio or risk to

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