Innovation and Technology driven investment opportunities. Developed by investors, for investors.

What is quantitative asset management?

The use of the most sophisticated technology run by a team of experts brings about unlimited opportunities. A model driven investment approach using a combination of fundamental, technical and trend analysis to form investment decisions and portfolio

Asset management centered around the use of quantitative and statistical models utilizing fundamental and technical investment principles. The systems and technology utilized by RIMAR Capital can analyse vast amounts of data, draw conclusions on such data and learn from this data to improve future decision making. Investment rules, parameters, data analysis, machine learning and risk mitigation tools are all incorporated within the development of a strategy’s algorithm. This algorithm is what drives the investment decisions and ultimate performance for the investor. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning allows our algorithms to learn from their previous actions and improve future decision-making ability.

                  • Little to no reliance on humans to execute transactions.
            • Machines can analyse vast amounts of data in a fraction of the time that any human can do.
                    • Emotions are removed from decision making.
                  • Transactions can be executed at any time automatically.
                  • Cost savings can be achieved and passed onto investors.

RIMAR Capital’s investment strategies have been through a rigorous quality control and testing phase before being made available to investors. These strategies are continuously monitored and tweaked if necessary, ensuring strategies remain well positioned to obtain alpha for investors. Developed by investors, for investors.

What does RIMAR offer the Investor?

Investors are able to select from variety of investing strategies that suit their preferences and risk profile.

Investors can be rest assured that the most sophisticated technology is utilized to take advantage of global market opportunities.

Delivering outperforming risk-adjusted returns for our investors is our top priority while preserving investor capital. The RIMAR Capital team in collaboration with world class technology and systems ensures this is possible.

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