“Our Investment Strategies”

Our investment strategies are based on multiple layers of analysis whereby algorithms drive the process, allowing for significantly faster analysis, filtering and execution.

All strategies

All RIMAR’s strategies are built around a core philosophy of artificial intelligence, data mining and the efficient use of technology to take advantage of investment opportunities for investors. Each strategy is put through a series of rigorous tests, including quality control testing, back-testing, forward testing, and operating on RIMAR Capital’s own capital for a period of at least 24 months.

Before being offered to clients, each strategy also needs to meet a defined set of quality and performance related criteria. Only once the criteria have been obtained, is the strategy made available to investors.

The RIMAR R&D team are constantly searching for new investment ideas and these ideas need to be vetted and tested before being made available. The stringent quality control and testing criteria means that the vast majority of strategies are never made available to clients. Only the very best is available to investors.

All strategies employ stop-loss and take-profit orders with constant over site for effective risk mitigation. The strategies are focused on financial instruments in developed markets, where liquidity is greater.

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By The Numbers


Strategies have outperformed the S&P 500 index


Tested strategies


Successful trades


Performance fees on positive performance after recouping costs


of months have ended since with positive performance


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