“We believe that satisfied clients are our best ambassadors.”

RIMAR Capital was founded in 2014 by a group of traders, financial analysts, technologists, and quants researchers, with a combined industry-related experience of over 60 years, to bring to life the next generation of portfolio management.

Today our team is comprised of over 60 investment professionals including MBA graduates from top international universities, mathematics professors, computer engineers, ex-intelligence and special forces veterans.

RIMAR’s multi-strategy asset management combines quantitative models, artificial intelligence and deep learning to produce algorithmic strategies targeted to out-perform the benchmark in a variety of market conditions, while reducing volatility by enforcing a fixed, pre-defined risk level. RIMAR is NOT a High Frequency Trader (HFT).

RIMAR Capital is a data-centric company, which places technology at the core of how it approaches trading. For this reason, we consider ourselves as much a technology company as a trading firm.

At RIMAR Capital we focus on our clients’ needs by providing them with financial advisory services and bespoke portfolio construction using securities, stocks, bonds, futures, options, and other derivatives — thus allowing clients to reach optimal risk-adjusted returns based on their goals. The growth of a client’s portfolio is in our best interest, as we believe that a satisfied client makes for the best ambassador.

Flat is a valid position! We allocate capital to positions only when attractive investment opportunities present themselves and may even flatten all positions when none are available or during periods of extreme market stress.

“Our Name Is Our Philosophy. Literally.”



One of the main goals of the strategy is to aggressively safeguard investors’ capital during periods of severe market stress, such as the market downturn of 2008. To achieve this goal, we only trade in highly liquid assets and hedge our positions to ensure a pre-defined risk level.



As a technology-driven company, we employ proprietary systems to constantly scan various markets for trading opportunities. All trade and capital allocation decisions, human or systematic, go through a rigorous AI-powered vetting process, and positions are monitored in real-time to mitigate risk.



Our investment universe includes a combination of stocks, bonds, futures, options, commodities, and other derivatives. This diversification both lowers the risk associated with exposure to any specific sector, global event, trend or asset class, as well as increases the number of trading opportunities.



In today’s market, the only thing constant is change itself. For this reason, our R&D is an ongoing process where we add, adjust or completely remove models according to their performance expectancy, and position sizing is done dynamically based on change in trends in the underlying assets.



We believe that returns are a welcomed side-effect of capital preservation via risk management. This belief has helped us outperform the S&P500 Index since inception, and we are confident in our ability to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors over a full cycle in the future.

“You can make money from trading by either predicting the market’s direction, or by realizing that no one can really predict the future, and being prepared for all possible outcomes.”

Fact Sheets

Approach to trading

RIMAR’s investment strategies are based on multiple layers of analysis to filter and identify potential trades. Algorithms and AI drive the process to allow almost immediate analysis, filtering and trading. Algorithms incorporate technical analysis, multiple analysis, fundamental analysis and wisdom of the crowd (trend analysis). Only trades with a high probability of success are entered. Stop losses are used on every trade to prevent large losses.

There are currently 4 live strategies 3 of which are available to the public

Fund A

This strategy employs AI and Deep learning algorithms to forecast (news driven) market movements in liquid equity instruments. Based on forecast market movements, pair trades are entered using a combination of ETFs/stocks and options, with the goal of earning premium income. Adjustments are continuously made to ensure the pairs remain in sync.


Algorithms layer fundamental, multiple, and technical-analysis on top of artificial intelligence and trend analysis to identify stocks (within the S&P 500) which will outperform their peers. Once stocks have been identified, put options are sold on the stocks, thereby earning option premiums. The options are held for a period of 5 days, and no single trade represents more than 4% of the portfolio. To date the options entered have achieved a 90% success rate (as of 30 December 2018).


The strategy is based on the premise that prices fall faster than they rise and prices over a short period of time are generally range bound. Algorithms identify financial instruments with a minimum trading volume, which are towards the upper end of their price range and are expected to fall in price over the short term. A short position or short exposure via options is then entered on the identified instruments, and generally held for a period ranging from one day to six weeks.

Leveraged Forex (closed fund)

Leveraged Forex analyses various time frames to identify trends in major currency pairs. To assist with analysis, strong resistance or support levels, trend lines, market signals, market cycles and several other indicators are also considered. If a strong potential trend is identified positions are increased or reduced. Trading is not done before news events.

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