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Founded in 2014 by a group of traders, financial analysts, technologists, and quants researchers, with a combined industry-related experience of over 60 years, to bring to life

About RIMAR Capital

Today our algorithmic hedge fund team is comprised of over 60 investment professionals including MBA graduates from top international universities, mathematics professors, computer engineers, ex-intelligence and special forces veterans.

RIMAR’s multi-strategy asset management combines quantitative models, artificial intelligence and deep learning to produce algorithmic trading strategies targeted to out-perform the benchmark in a variety of market conditions while reducing volatility by enforcing a fixed, pre-defined risk level. RIMAR is NOT a High-Frequency Trader.

RIMAR Capital is a data-centric algorithmic hedge fund, which places technology at the core of its algorithmic trading approach. For this reason, we consider ourselves as much a technology company as an investment firm.

At RIMAR Capital we focus on our clients’ needs by providing them with financial advisory services and bespoke portfolio construction using securities, stocks, bonds, futures, options, and other derivatives — thus allowing clients to reach optimal risk-adjusted returns based on their goals. The growth of a client’s portfolio is in our best interest, as we believe that a satisfied client makes for the best ambassador.

“You can make money from trading by either predicting the market’s direction, or by realizing that no one can really predict the future, and being prepared for all possible outcomes.”


“Our Name Is Our Philosophy. Literally.”

RIMAR’s innovative investment approach makes its strategies adaptable to multiple market conditions.



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“Our Investment Strategies”

Our Investment strategies are based on multiple layers of analysis, Algorithms drive the process, allowing for almost immediate analysis, filtering and trading.

All strategies

All algorithmic strategies are built around a core philosophy of artificial intelligence and data mining. Each strategy is put through a series of rigorous tests, including back-testing, forward testing, and operating on RIMAR Capitals’ own capital for a period of at least 24 months. Before being offered to clients, each strategy also needs to meet a defined set of criteria, including: (1) the strategy has not recorded losses in more than 2 consecutive months; (2) the strategy’s Sharpe Ratio is at least 2; and (3) the strategy has achieved at least an 80% success rate on all trades executed.

To date only seven strategies have been approved for offering to clients out of more than 5,000 tested.

All strategies employ stop-loss and take-profit orders. A stop-loss order (an order to buy or sell once the stock reaches a certain price) limits the loss on any single trade and a take-profit order (an order to exit the trade once a certain profit level or price is reached) ensures that profits are secured once targeted price levels are attained. All trades are only executed on financial instruments of sufficient liquidity (based on a value traded on a daily basis). Thus, the algorithms are focused on financial markets in developed markets, where liquidity is greater.

Fund A

This algorithmic strategy employs the use of artificial intelligence, combined with deep learning. The algorithms forecast market movements in liquid equity instruments.

The strategy then utilizes these forecasted market movements to enter pair trades that utilize a combination of both ETFs and stock options.

This combination ensures that investors earn premium income on top of other trading profits. Adjustments are continuously made to the existing strategy to make sure that all pairs remain in sync.

To date, this strategy has had an 85% success rate and has produced returns exceeding those of the S&P500 Index since its inception.


Using a base of artificial intelligence, algorithms combine fundamental and technical analysis. These algorithms offer highly detailed trend analysis that identifies S&P 500 stocks that are expected to outperform their peers.

Once the stocks have been identified by the algorithms, options are sold on the stocks, helping earn option premiums. These options are often held for 5 days, with no individual stock trade representing more than 4% of the portfolio.

This strategy has achieved an exceptional success rate of 90% (as of September 2019).


This strategy is based around the idea that prices of equity investments drop faster than they rise, with the prices being range-bound over a short period of time. Through detailed algorithms,

RIMAR is able to ascertain the financial instruments that provide a minimum trading volume which extends towards the higher end of the price range, while also being expected to fall over the short term.

Having a short position or a short exposure through options is entered on the various identified instruments, generally being held for a period that ranges between one day to a maximum of six weeks.

Global Macro

The Global Macro strategy involves the analysis of various trends and shifts in major currency pairs.

To assist in developing a strong analysis, the strategic studies and considers resistance and/or support levels, market signals, trend lines, market cycles and various other indicators.

The trading is not dependent on expectations around major political and macro announcements or events.


The Long Strategy is a longer-term, value-bias based strategy. The strategy follows a process of bottom-up stock picking and fundamental analysis, with algorithms consistently processing a multitude of data points. Once attractive stocks are identified, algorithms apply technical indicators to drive the timing of each trade.

Options +

This strategy focusses on US Treasury Bills, and derivatives (options and future options) on the NASDAQ and S&P 500. The algorithms analyze historic trading patterns and identify momentum trades – buying and selling according to the direction of momentum of price movements.


The Blended strategy focuses on the most promising trades from all the other strategies (Fund A, Options, Short, Global Macro, Long, and Options +).

The Blended Strategy may employ a combination of trades picked from multiple strategies.

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